AG Solutions

We aim to revolutionize the agri-ecosystem with new technologies and practices

About AG Solutions

Leveraging AGtech to revolutionize the farming ecosystem

Fatima AG Solutions was established with a vision to be a pioneer in transforming Pakistan’s agriculture. It is committed to implementing a global concept of corporate agri-farming in Pakistan to bridge the crop yield gap by using agricultural knowledge, operational optimization and the latest agricultural technologies.

Climbing The Ladder of Success

  • Fatima AG Solutions has acquired 540 acres of agricultural land to develop farming solutions.
  • The company is jointly working with plant breeders to develop commercial production methodologies for triple gene cotton and wheat hybrid seeds.
  • During the Rabi 2022 season, Fatima AG Solutions was in the process of cultivating 5 hybrid wheat lines on a commercial scale. These hybrid seeds were produced at Fatima Fert (Sheikupura) and Fatima Fertilizer (Sadiqabad) agri farms last year.
  • The company is also marketing corn silage and alfalfa hay bales to dairy farms.

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